When the young woman called the shelter with a weird request, they offered to give her a cat that no one wanted.

The girl decided to adopt an animal from a shelter after counseling. She contemplated adopting a person as she went through the process of starting a new life. After some consideration, she returned to the shelter and asked the staff to show her the cat who stays there the longest. She was also shown the Kala cat. She was an old street cat who had once lived on the streets.

The cat seemed to understand the girl’s intentions toward it. The potential owner smiled for the first time in a while as she started to meow loudly.

When Kala was at home, she had problems falling asleep.

She finally slept in the morning. The cat would only sleep with the girl from that point forward. She loved hugs and was quite affectionate. The girl won her approval.

As a result, a large, elderly cat from the shelter can bring joy and smiles to other people. The girl is to be applauded for allowing the cat to age in a caring, sympathetic environment.

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