A 10-month-old puppy wins hearts with natural lashes that are so long that people on the street believe they are fake.

When people come across a dog named Walt, they are shocked and unable to take their eyes off of him. All as a result of the dog’s unique external traits. Walt’s long eyelashes, which occasionally resemble extensions, give him the most beautiful eyes.

The dog, who is currently only 10 months old, has known Chloe since he was a little puppy. She couldn’t help herself; the woman was a dog groomer. Chloe Shaw, his owner, asserts that he has always had them that way. Walt has killer lashes, Chloe said, “They’re so long and curling. The dog’s owner spends a lot of time giving him thorough brushing and washing every day.

Every few weeks, the dog also has his or her nails clipped. Even while a dog this well-groomed attracts a lot of attention, he quickly grew used to it. On our walks, Chloe said, “He’s a active and lovely dog that appreciates people’s attention.”

According to experts, cutting the eyelashes shorter is better for the dog. After all, such a long length could irritate the eyes and impair vision. On the other hand, Chloe is certain that her rigorous maintenance will enable her to get out of these problems.

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