The owners build a portable bed for their 16-year-old dog so she can enjoy her final trip to the beach.

Tom Antonino is most known for a poignant image that was captured by a bystander during a family beach trip in early March. It depicts a man with his older retrievers, Cocoa and Coco. When she was younger and had an active lifestyle, the dog accompanied her owners everywhere.

However, as she aged, her strength and endurance started to wane. She had completely stopped walking by the time she was sixteen. Her family loved Cocoa dearly and hoped for her a long and prosperous life.

To allow the dog to still accompany them on nature walks, Tom and his wife Lauren fashioned her a portable bed. The finished dog bed was placed on wheels and given a rope so that it could be pulled along like a sled. Tom was aware of how important going on lengthy walks with Cocoa was to her, according to Lauren. They once set a world record by traversing the Virginia Beach boardwalk in a week for 100,000 steps! Carrie, a local of Virginia Beach, uploaded the picture on her Facebook page without knowing who was in it.

About 29 thousand people liked Carrie’s post in just a few days.

On its social media sites, it has received more than 55 000 shares. As a result, Tom’s cousin let him know that he and Cocoa had achieved network fame after seeing the images Carrie took. Shortly after this picture was taken, Cocoa left them, and Lauren called Carrie to let her know. She asked the child to attach a picture of the dog she had when she was younger in the article. So that readers would learn more about her in the email.

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