The tiny dog’s reaction to the cake is amusing to observe since he is appreciative that someone remembered his birthday.

Tokyo is the name of a tiny, adorable dog. His third birthday was just observed by his owners. or, to be more precise, the day Tokyo joined their family. Janna Wilson’s family includes Tokyo in their household.

They had owned the dog for three years. And over the course of three years, he shows them his affection. Tokyo is a genuinely devoted friend, claims Janna. He enjoys playing and cuddling.

The Wilson family wanted to make every effort to organize a fitting celebration for the gorgeous puppy, so they started getting ready for his birthday early.

The day eventually arrived, and to celebrate, a surprise party was organized.

The entire family was eager to take action to express their love for Tokyo. And they were completely successful. The Wilson family asked for a customized dog-themed cake that was adorned with the proper trimmings. He was initially really confused. He didn’t know what it was, according to Janna Wilson. But when he noticed that everyone was staring at him, he understood that the cake was for him.

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