When a rescue dog spots a stray cat on the street, it is adopted.

Bali, a 17-year-old dog, and his family just moved into a new house. While Bali and her owner Josh were out exploring, a stray cat was living in the valley behind the property.

The dog was already trying to make friends with the creature when someone decided to help and started feeding it. Josh claims that Bali frequently observed her in the backyard. The dog’s activities were first unknown to the family. Bali sat with her new pal on the patio.

The owners assert that stray animals have never made friends in Bali before. It demonstrates her generosity and kindness. The frightened cat was quickly given confidence by other family members. They started taking care of her by acting like Bali, and the cat now resides with them.

Kat, the new pet that was given the name, follows Bali around. She’s now officially a part of the family, so to speak, claims Josh.

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