A three-week-old baby fox that had lost its mother in a car collision was taken in by Ziva, a kind dog.

Throughout their first few weeks of life, all newborns—human or animal—must experience their mother’s love, care, and protection. However, living in the wild can be very challenging when the glorious fate is not so kind to those creatures who have lost their mothers. Such a catastrophe occurred to a fox pup that became orphaned after losing its mother in a car accident.

He had been born around three weeks earlier. The unfortunate creature would have perished if the rescuers hadn’t found it. The sad little creature was hurried to the vet’s clinic. Thankfully, it wasn’t hurt.

The little fox cub quickly located a cozy home. Kindhearted Oberscheld residents Angelika and Werner, who enjoy animals, took in this adorable fox cub. It was given the name Dinozzo.

In addition, they had two piglets, a dog named Ziva, a Bengal cat named Leopold, and a cat. All of the members of this wonderful family gave Dinozzo a warm welcome and an embrace. But as Ziva started to care for it as if it were her child, the baby Dinozzo felt comforted and was able to process the death of its mother. The moment Leopold and Ziva saw the fox cub, they both fell in love with it.

There are many instances of friendships between animals, but this one is particularly rare. Friendliness toward dogs Ziva is not just Dinozzo’s foster mother; she is also its best friend and closest companion. The fox has just mastered the use of the cat door to enter and exit.

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