The dog courageously protected her owner from a cougar.

Before anything terrible happened, Erin Wilson took her 2-year-old puppy Eva for a stroll in the middle of the day. She was startled by an unexpected sound, and the cougar quickly got ready to strike. The dog quickly charged the cougar with all her might when Erin called for Eva.

Sadly, the cougar prevailed over the puppy. But Erin wasn’t ready to give up her pet so simply. She began yelling at the animal to leave her dog alone. He finally just let go and ran away. She hurriedly put her pet back in the car, grabbed her glasses, and hugged Sharon.

The woman hurried to the vet to take her cat. After a few days, she was brought home after receiving joint treatment from her owners and vets, which helped her regain her capacity for survival. Erin created a Facebook page to raise money for medical costs, but the page was quickly taken over by the public’s love and support for her brave dog, and all the money was raised right away.

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