The Ukrainian military adopts a Russian military dog.

A wonderful service dog was left behind by the Russian soldiers when they left the village. Some claim the German Shepherd escaped on her own, while others think she was purposefully left behind.

After the puppy was fed and made its way into the neighborhood, a local woman offered to provide shelter for it and her German shepherd. Sima, the family’s German Shepherd, was a buddy of his, and they spent considerable time together. As soon as word got out that the trained assistance dog was living in the neighborhood, people began offering Valentina money in exchange for him.

The wife, though, opposed. After giving the dog some serious thinking, the woman decided to offer it to the Ukrainian army. Although the puppy appeared to be in good health, the dog’s handler discovered a Russian collar that revealed its origins.

Max was the name he gave the dog. Since then, the puppy and Riddick, his new owner, have gotten along well. Riddick will teach the dog Ukrainian commands.

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