Each butterfly in his yard is a friend of the dog.

Even as a young puppy, Mina had a sensitive and caring demeanor. He likes to help his mother out in any way he can, especially while she is in the garden. It didn’t take Mina long to make friends with every butterfly on the terrace because the family’s yard is full of a range of flowers and plants that draw a variety of butterflies.

The butterflies have grown to like Mina and frequently visit him for a quick nap. Each time they sit on him, he is kind and lets them stay as long as they want. It was simple to take a ton of beautiful pictures of Mina with his butterfly friends because he has always been great at posing for pictures and even has a cooking program with his mother.

Since the family’s garden has transformed into such a haven for butterflies from all over, Mina never misses an opportunity to observe and interact with each butterfly that arrives. Mina enjoys spending time with his butterfly friends and will go to great measures to look out for them and treat them nicely when they are nearby.

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