The cute circular hairdo on the little poodle gives the impression that it is a miniature sheep.

This dog became instantly well-known online thanks to his unusual hairstyle. A Japanese hairdresser who happens to own poodles created it. After the master’s efforts, the dog completely changed, becoming a fluffy ball with short legs.

After seeing photos of the dog, Instagram users got into a lively discussion, with some drawing analogies to sheep and others to clouds. Everyone appreciated the entertaining dog in the pictures and videos, even though the hairdresser’s smart scheme remained a secret.

Many others praised the owner’s ability to give the dog a perfectly round haircut. They also said they would like to replicate this look on their canines.

The owner claimed she chose this particular poodle haircut for a very significant reason. The top of the dog’s coat was purposely fluffy to aid the dog and hinder its ability to reach the paws.

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