Out of love, a Chi became a guide dog for a bigger dog.

When two people become friends, differences in age, ethnicity, race, and species are frequently forgotten, however, occasionally an emotional connection is created. An example of this is the unanticipated bond that grew between a huge Great Dane and a small Chihuahua.

Sheila Zinder and Bubba grew close after Sheila took in the dog. She needed to be fed by hand because her mother passed away during giving birth. After her previous owners gave up on her due to vision issues, Sheila adopted Shelly in 2017. He had to take six different eye prescriptions every day. Bubba was being bottle-fed when Shelly first saw her, and he couldn’t stop staring at her.

As Bubba became older, they began to play games, talk more, and spend more time together, showing off their special bond.

Sheila reports that Bubba is five and a half weeks old. When his mother passed away, the owner came to seek assistance. Shelly would just sit motionlessly and watch the two of us when I started bottle-feeding her at birth.

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