Despite their size differences, the big dog chose to take care of the abandoned kitten and has shown to be an amazing nanny.

The large dog decided to take care of the abandoned kitten. Despite the size difference, the dog has grown into a superb nanny. The owner of a big dog named Norm found a tiny kitten in a cardboard box on the street. The woman took the cat home with her because she was powerless to resist. The woman was sure that Norm would accept the cat even if a dog weighed more than she did await her. A newborn kitten’s care requires a lot of effort.

Even though his eyes have now opened, he still needs regular care and checkups from the veterinarian. A curious baby is also exposed to several inside the home. But Norm, the owner’s dog, actively helped him.

The big dog calmly amused Sonic the kitten while softly enduring the blows of little paws. The kitten, however, had to find a new home, thus the best buddies had to part ways. One of the owner’s friends decided to bring home a fluffy four-legged animal. The owners have taken note of Sonic and Norm’s friendship and plan to set up meetings for them.

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