She chose the dogs when her husband said, “It’s either the dogs or me,” and she hasn’t seen or heard from him since.

This woman has had a unique bond with animals her entire life. When she was a small child, her parents owned a pet food business. She eventually realized that hearing paws on the ground would have made her life complete as she grew older.

She was disappointed to find her hubby was not as eager. It was a severe dilemma for him because he was tired of sharing his home with so many dogs: “It’s either me or the dogs.” She didn’t give it much thought.

The woman was still married when her husband packed up and left after 26 years of marriage. She built a tiny shelter adjacent to the house since she was sure that she could make caring for dogs a part of her life. The woman helps a lot of animals find new homes and start new lives.

She provides temporary housing for dogs who have nowhere else to go. She also cares for their well-being as they wait for their future families. One feels great satisfaction knowing that a company like this is improving animal lives.

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