When a couple went to adopt a cat from a shelter, the animal wouldn’t give up her best friend, so the couple chose to adopt both of them.

In the beginning, Lucy and Louie met in a shelter. Even though Louie was a loner, she clung to him and wouldn’t let go. Their amazing friendship became even more solid as a result. Jones and his fiancee visited a shelter in quest of a puppy before meeting these two closest friends, but they came home with two cats instead.

“When we started looking for the puppy, we forgot that we live in an apartment and work full-time.” Jones says, “Since the dogs need so much more care, we don’t spend much time at home.”

This led us to the conclusion that getting a cat was the best course of action. The moment my fiancée set eyes on Lucy, she fell in love.

The opposite of Lucy’s concern, which was that of leaving her best friend behind, was true. They decided to support Louie for the time being. Lucy can easily adjust to new circumstances. Soon after people and cats arrived at their homes, it was evident that the two furry friends could not be separated.

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