A puppy who had been starved and dehydrated for ten days while being attached to an old car has been saved and adopted.

When Duke’s former owner decided he wanted to get rid of him, he simply tied him to an abandoned car behind his house and told the neighbors the dog was sick. He added that contacting him was risky since he might infect anyone. The neighbors ignored the dog as it was thrown to its death rather than confirming this information. For ten days, Duke was shackled to an old truck and begged for help and sympathy from onlookers, but they all ignored him. Fortunately, he grabbed the eye of a young woman with a sizable and generous heart.

She notified the rescuers at Rudozem Street Dog Rescue right away. The founder of the organization, Tony Rowles, immediately appeared on the scene.

Duke was covered in manure and surrounded by flies that were waiting for him to die. But when the dog noticed Tony, he crept up to him and licked his palm. When the man hurried the dog to the vet, it was found that Duke was in perfect health!

When Tony brought Duke into his home until a new place could be found for him because his shelter was filled, he made the best decision in the world. Duke’s hurt paws were another problem, though. According to an X-ray and a veterinarian’s examination, someone broke his paws. The physicians agreed to assist Duke because his paws needed to be mended! Following multiple surgery and a protracted recovery, Duke was eager to find a new family and a new home!

Fortunately, there was one woman who spotted Duke and instantly fell in love with him.

She was also indifferent with the fact that Duke was in Bulgaria while she lived in England. She paid a portion of Duke’s medical bills.

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