The lovely cat earns a certificate in emotional support at graduation with her mother and dons a lovely custom gown.

The human family saved Behemoth, a lovely and fluffy cat at the age of 7 weeks. Behemoth is incredibly intuitive and often sensitive to other people’s feelings, particularly his mother’s.

According to his adopted mother, Behemoth is a very curious cat that enjoys being the center of attention for his family. If you haven’t fed him by exactly 8 a.m., he sits on you and waits for you to wake up. He follows everyone around the home meowing or “talking,” even in the shower.

Behemoth was designated as her official emotional support animal during her senior year of college after she realized she couldn’t graduate without him. Even when there is too much going on, our dogs are there for us when we need them.

They are so anxious to give us their comforting presence. The world would not run as it does today without animals. Animals are, in fact, our smallest helpers.

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