The chef quits his previous job to start Thailand’s largest dog sanctuary.

A location where there are many stray dogs. a former restaurant cook who started the sanctuary. She approached him one evening, and he started giving her food every day.

Mike was immediately aware of how many canines needed assistance on the streets. The cook started feeding stray dogs regularly, initially a few, then a few more, and ultimately realized he was already taking care of one hundred dogs. The man then decided to give up his previous way of life and spend most of his time taking care of stray dogs. He launched a refuge in 2018.

At first, he frequently took them to neighbor vets. But he decide to construct his veterinary clinic on the grounds of the shelter in 2020. The shelter, which is thought to be the biggest in Thailand, presently houses 700 canines and works with a sizable staff every day. This building requires $1460 in upkeep on average per day.

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