To save him and gain his trust, the family constructed the stray cat in his own home.

Maria and her husband reside in a modest home that features an outside cat park for their two cats, Lulu and Zaza. A brand-new visitor who had just arrived close to their park was once spotted by the hosts.

A cat started peering into Maria’s yard regularly. When Maria and her husband realized this, they immediately gave the cat the name Zigzag. For the patrons of the park, they left bowls of treats. He arrived and devoured everything, but as soon as he saw people, he left.

The owners didn’t give up though. On the site where they had left the bowls for Zigzag, Maria and her husband decided to construct a warm and welcoming home for him. They relocated the bowls to the wooden house and waited for Zigzag to decide that it was his new home. Zigzag admired the present and then sat down next to the park under the slate roof.

Once inside the house, they came across Zigzag. As a full member of the family, Zigzag is now permitted to play in the park with older cats if he so chooses.

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