Boji the dog can frequently be spotted traveling on metro trains, buses, and boats throughout the busy city.

In Istanbul, a stray dog by the name of Boji has achieved actual superstar status. After all, the creature is familiar with the local transit system. Considering that he often rides buses, the metro, and even ferries.

In Istanbul, Boji is well-known and adored by the locals. They make an effort to be in touch with him at all times and to take pictures and videos of him. “You start to notice Boji as you get on the train. Just by seeing how he sits or lies down, you find yourself grinning. He “certainly puts a smile on everyone’s face,” said a resident of Istanbul.

The dog is knowledgeable about the rules governing public transportation.  He consistently boards the metro car after everyone else has left. He also offers the way to other passengers if the car is crowded. The neighborhood government decided to create social media pages for Boji as a result of his increasing popularity.

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