The bride and her bridesmaids exchanged flower bouquets for pups in need of a loving home at the wedding.

The bride and groom were brought together at this wedding by their love for not only one another but also for stray dogs in need of loving homes. Given that they currently share a home with two magnificent canines and two adorable kittens, it makes sense that the couple’s wedding was pet-free.

The couple chose to stage a photo shoot with dogs rather than flowers. This is because so many puppies still exist who need loving homes. An adorable puppy was given to each bridesmaid from a neighboring animal shelter. “Love and dogs are all you need,” the poster declares.

By sharing these pictures, we intended to put an end to the never-ending cycle of abandoned newborn puppies. “People need to understand that animal shelters are full of abandoned and lonely creatures,” the bride said. Since every puppy in these photos was rescued from a shelter, her plan worked.

The couple saved money for wedding favors for the guests. Then made a huge donation to the shelter’s account so they could have dogs for the ceremony.

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