For more than eleven years, the cat has begged his father to cuddle him before he leaves for work each morning.

Ten years ago, Tinga was the name Jack Smith gave to a stray kitten he had taken in. The newborn was brought home by Jack’s daughter, who nursed him there to care for him forever. She changed her address a few months later, and Tinga moved in with her father, who was then employed by a construction company.

The man who had assumed the position of the cat’s legal foster parent was someone the cat was determined to keep. My day begins at 7:00 a.m. Tinga jumps into my lap around 6:30, curls up, and begins purring loudly.

“It feels like he knows everything and has the same emotions as me,” the animal’s owner Jack continued. At noon, Tinga will be there to greet the man when he gets home. Jack extends his paws and cradles him after he heats his food and starts to eat.

While curled so comfortably on Jack’s lap, the cat occasionally drifts off. Tinga travels everywhere with Jack.

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