A Siberian Husky with gorgeous eyes and a distinctive brown coat is the newest Instagram celebrity.

Look at this magnificent Husky; he has a unique shade of brown, don’t you think? On Instagram, some 121 thousand people have already begun to follow this new craze. Furthermore, the dog goes by the name SaQuoi or just Qui. Despite being a pure husky, he has a brown coat that is unique to the breed and sparkling eyes. Due to the rarity of the breed, the owner of a brown Husky has already seen an increase in interest in it.

Even though he has a certificate proving his species, according to the woman, people still stop to pet him, ask him questions, and express amazement that he is a husky.

When the devoted owner of SaQuo first saw this adorable puppy, she knew that, despite her original search for something very different, this was exactly what she had hoped for, despite her plans to get another pet.

Nicky noticed that the dog is not only stunningly handsome, but also very kind, brilliant, and cunning.

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