Cat with big eyes stays close to those who helped him.

Billie, a volunteer at the shelter, has been informed that she needs assistance by a little 98-gram cat with large eyes. The kitten’s diminutive size for a three-week-old startled Billie when she first met her. Despite the kitten’s diminutive size, its mother abandoned it.

The tiny cat needed plenty of love, a bottle, and attention. Billie and her family made sure he ate and gave him hugs all the time. He preferred to sleep on Billie’s neck. For someone her age, Guinea’s blue eyes were surprisingly huge. After every meal, he insisted on spending a lot of time cuddling with his family because he adored hugs.

It was rolled up into a tiny burrito-like package. He opened the door after waking up and exited. He’s been a real challenge since I first got him. A courageous fighter who was motivated to keep developing and do his best to keep getting stronger, the lovely cat, who was only a month old and half his age, was a brave fighter.

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