The dog who spent the most time in the shelter is requested by a kind girl.

This story demonstrates that true friendship cannot be bought. When Lina brought him home from the shelter, she had a pet in mind. She discussed her decisions with her five-year-old child. The young kid made it clear that she didn’t give a damn about the dog’s appearance.

She also said she wanted to adopt the animal that had been in the shelter the longest. The wise counsel from Mom’s daughter touched her.

Since she was fully aware that young puppies had a much higher probability of being adopted from shelters than older dogs do, she agreed with the girl.

According to Lina, the older dog didn’t think he would find new owners at that moment. After being returned home, the dog continued to give visitors his grateful glare. The dog now lavishes his rescuers with unfailing kindness and compassion. The dog has developed into a peaceful companion and devoted buddy thanks to the love and care of the new owners.

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