The prettiest kitty ever and a budding star, this one. He has peculiar eyes.


This kitten is adorable and has peculiar-looking eyes. More than 250 000 people publicly expressed their fervent affection for him. In addition, the number of followers is growing. You might wonder why this is the case. Yes, due to his suddenness, hilarious remarks, and lovely appearance.

About two years ago, his owner Ray adopted him. He had just turned one at the time. She warmed up to him right away, and Ray soon recognized that there was no one else who could bring him back to his family. He is a curious and vivacious cat. He is very inquisitive and loves the limelight.

Interruptions are something he enjoys, according to Ray, “He appreciates the chance to play in the sink when I’m taking a shower.”

He likes to creep around and squeeze himself into the smallest of hiding spaces. Facebook and YouTube each have accounts for the viral superstar. Even a fan’s sketch of him is available. Ray founds a charity to help animals who have no other options. Due to various fundraising efforts, Ray was able to donate $4,000 to the refuge in 2019.

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