The gentle dog, Chief, loves to play hide-and-seek in the backyard with his mischievous, wild friends the raccoons.

Although it would seem impossible, countless instances show it is achievable. Dogs are kind, social animals that get along with a variety of other species. But not all wild animals, like raccoons, are acceptable for all dogs.

The raccoons’ best friend is Chief, a loving corgi mix who eagerly awaits their daily visits to play. Animal lover Cheryl Stephan is a good person. She has shared her life with a variety of critters over the years. She enjoys caring for and fostering rescued animals.

Three orphaned raccoons have suddenly replaced her new friends. Until they were large enough to be released back into the wild, Cheryl fed and cared for them. After being freed in the woods, the grateful animals come back because they can’t forget the kind woman who looked after them and gave them a lot of help. They started going to see her every day.

Chief, a lovely dog, was quickly adopted by Cheryl. The compassionate human was worried about how her pet would respond toward the wild animals that visited her every day even though he was cheerful and kind to everyone. From the minute he first sees them, Chief is smitten. Magnolia now invites her kids over for playtime with the dog in addition to meals. Now, Chief eagerly anticipated playing with his little friends every day, especially their favorite game of hide-and-seek.

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