Even though the owners had rudely abandoned the dog, she waited for them to return.

The future of this dog was uncertain. She was discovered at the door of one of the residences in Costa Rica a few months ago. Because the dog was pregnant, the situation was made worse by the fact that it was abandoned without access to food or water. The dog’s neighbors could not allow him to remain in this situation, so they took a few images and informed Tanya Capelluti, a volunteer animal rights activist, of what had occurred.

Unable to accept the betrayal, she sat and waited for the people she had been so devoted to.

The volunteer realized how important it was to move quickly and find a home for the pregnant dog.

They were quickly discovered. They were meant to be friendly people who would help her let go of the past. The dog felt at ease and at home at Wann McKean’s home, and she soon gave birth to six pups.

Doggy expressed her sincere gratitude to her savior on behalf of herself and her children. The dog’s lovely muzzle widened into a grin at the sight of Wann.

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