Everyone is in love with this cute puppy’s enormous, cartoonish eyebrow and its variously colored eyes.

Nobody was impacted by this dog’s presence! All Internet users fell in love with him because of his handsome appearance. When you look at the images of this dog, you will be enthralled by its allure and astounded by its creativity.

This dog’s two bright eyes and a spot that resembles an eyebrow can help you recognize it. Many people didn’t believe the dog was real after seeing images of it on social media. As some thought, it wasn’t only a picture that was drawn by hand. The dog needed a place of his own to call home.

A woman decided to adopt the puppy after seeing the advertisement. Since she could no longer tolerate the dog, she called the owner to adopt the puppy: “When I saw his face, I knew I wanted him straight away.”

The woman was taken aback by the amount of attention on her story. It was a well-liked piece. The dog’s odd birth was difficult for people to accept; some even suspected that it had been created.

Many people “didn’t think this was the dog’s natural brow,” the mother said.

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