Since she had heard about the puppies being abandoned behind the garages, the woman insisted that she had only gone “just to look.”

Nikita is one of those people that constantly helps animals in need and never leaves them unattended in a hazardous situation.

She continually watched as different animals were put in her garage. She knew that she would surely become attracted to them because they were all aware of her love of animals in the area. As soon as they entered the yard, they dumped three tiny dogs behind the garages.

Behind the garages, she was greeted by three of the nicest dogs. They immediately began to crawl into her arms as though realizing she was their only hope. Nikita gave the dogs to her. They were all discovered to be female. The woman set up custom-made beds for the dogs in the kitchen.

Dogs are all incredibly attractive, sociable, and friendly. Anyway, they frequently have problems locating their owners. They have lived with Nikita for several months and have grown into beautiful, adorable, and active puppies.


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