A couple has discovered their long-lost pet, who was last seen ten years ago, inside their narrowboat home.

This incident happened in 2011. The owners had been looking for their cat for some time before filing a missing person report. Three cats were on the vessel with the guests. Together, they frequently went on walks, but they always came home. One day, only two cats came back from a walk; the third cat did not. Five days went by as the cat’s owners waited for him, but there was no sailing. It was after this time that the pet was reported missing.

The cat had a chip in it that included the owner’s information. There are not many stray animals in the UK. A neighbor observed a cat in 2021 and attempted to capture it.

The animal, though, resisted being held because it was frightened. A worried neighbor fed the cat every day until he became accustomed to it. The volunteer then grabbed the cat and returned it to its owner.

At home, a sizable tumor was discovered on the cat’s side. The animal was escorted to the vet. The veterinarian contacted the owners right away. When they learned that the cat had been located, they were shocked. The cat returned the item to its rightful owners after it was discovered that the tumor was benign. “I am convinced he has suffered enough over the past ten years,” the cat’s owner said. “He now deserves a nice rest.” Nobody knows where the cat has been for the past ten years, where it gets its food, or if it has been cared for.

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