A man picks up a dog standing by the side of the road and happily waves its tail.

Every year, there are more stray animals on the streets. They were either born on the streets or their owners abandoned them. When owners or local government organizations fail to care for stray animals, there is an overpopulation of animals.

Fortunately, animal shelters and rescue organizations frequently find a solution to this problem. So, hundreds of stray dogs have been kept and fed in the largest shelter in the country, which is run by one of the non-profit organizations in the Serbian city. The owners take care of them until they are prepared for adoption.

Then one day the shelter’s owner came upon a dog by the side of the road. It was a terrible sight, and other cars were going around. When the dog saw the individual, she realized she had at last found solace. Her tail immediately began to wag joyfully. She first had terrible health, but she quickly improved and went to meet the man.

Since it appeared that the owner had abandoned them all at once, they observed her sisters and siblings as they continued.

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