A fourteen-year-old dog who had been loyal to his owner went to the altar with him

Anne O’Connell brought home a black Lab puppy from a shelter when he was two months old 14 years ago. He’d been left behind on a cart. Anne was resolved not to get a puppy, but she was forced to bring Cherry home. Both Jamie and Anne are veterinarians, and they are engaged.

They placed a lot of value on Cherry, who was 14 at the time of their marriage. In September, they were wed. The dog’s condition was found to be grave this year. His health began to deteriorate the week before the wedding, and Anne decided to say goodbye. Cherry, however, experienced no problems at the nuptials. He didn’t seem to be him at all.

He guided the owner to the altar! But he was unable to return. Sister Anne took him in her arms and carried him. Everyone was brought to tears by it because it was such an emotional event. A week later, Cherry wasn’t there anymore. In his bed, in front of the stove, and surrounded by his devoted family, he softly dozed off.

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