After six months of being separated, a family locates their lost dog.

Six months after going missing, a dog from Texas was finally reunited with his family. Chan’s owner learned about his disappearance on October 17, 2021. They circulated flyers across their area before posting them right away on social media.

The following months were devoted to an unsuccessful hunt for him. The owners never gave up to locate their dog. A report to the shelter was made about three dogs. One of their offices started hunting for them. One of the dogs was missing his microchip. His owners eventually received it back. They took this adorable puppy to their neighborhood doctor and gave him the name Kendo.

Fortunately, there are still caring people who maintain tabs on lost animals, and they were able to confirm that Kendo was Chan! After contacting Chan’s owners, the group was able to authenticate Chan’s identification. Chan quickly walked with his tail wagging in the direction of his father when he arrived.

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