Shein the Mastiff sets a new record for the nation with a miraculous litter of 22 pups.

While researchers in the UK were striving to train canines to recognize the coronavirus, Australian scientists were focusing on other concerns. The birth of 22 puppies is being celebrated at the same time. This record’s owner is Shein, a Mastiff dog from Queensland. According to the website, the four-year-old pet first gave birth to five puppies.

Shein’s owner took her to the vet, where staff discovered that she was carrying 17 more puppies. She had to undergo a C-section because of a medical condition. As soon as Shein got to the clinic, we did an X-ray to see if she had delivered all of the puppies.

“And we were startled to see almost 10 extra pups waiting to be delivered in the shot,” the veterinarian continued. The treatment was completed by the medical staff in around 40 minutes. Shein is currently at home with her children.

Despite having a large number of puppies, Shein was unable to break the record. It belongs to a Mastiff from the United Kingdom. This dog gave birth to a litter of 25 puppies in 2005.

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