A patient woman poses her 17 dogs and cats for a wonderful family photo.

People enjoy taking pictures of their pets, but it’s obvious that the animals are not as enthusiastic.

A lot of the images taken of pets, such as cats or dogs, are fuzzy since it can be difficult to persuade them to pose for a picture. If you have not just one, but as many as 17 dogs, just think how challenging it is to capture the perfect shot!

On the other hand, Wales’ Kathy Smith did the unthinkable: she gathered all 17 of her cats and dogs into one spot for a sweet family photo. Even at the age of 30, it’s difficult to dispute Katie’s love of animals.

Among her, eight dogs and nine cats are Ruby, Ben, Max, Sheba, Teddy, Rio, Storm, and Misha. In addition, she has a hedgehog, a variety of fish, and four parrots. One day, Katie decided to imagine all of her pets together.

Most of us would not be able to pull off such a feat, but Katie did. However, it wasn’t easy.

She started by gathering the dogs because they were more docile. The cats, on the other hand, were slow to understand what she needed from them and scattered three times. All 17 animals were positioned correctly and fixedly looking into the camera for a brief moment. “I was overjoyed to discover that I had managed to photograph such a great, almost family.”

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