The adorable puppy wants to make everyone’s day better.

Most individuals attempt to keep their conversations on trains to themselves. However, Moon, an Italian Greyhound, is unique. Moon defies the generalization that this breed of dog is slow to warm up to people. New pals are created every time the dog and his owner, Maggie Lane, ride the London Underground.

Everyone can communicate with the moon, even businessmen in suits, perplexed visitors, worn-out mothers of little children, etc. Any outsider who wants to pet the dog can anticipate being welcomed with enthusiasm and encouragement.

He always makes people smile and brightens their day, so I like to bring him on the train with me, Maggie Lane remarked.

Many riders of the metro express their joy by stroking Moon and raising him in their arms. And this pleases his owner greatly, for whom chatting with the dog used to be the best kind of comfort. He became my best friend over time and frequently dozed off at my feet.

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