Their dog steals bread when the owners are away, conceals it, and then refuses to eat any of it.

Some puppies make great guard dogs! For instance, Jakey, a six-year-old beauty, makes a fantastic security officer. She uses her powers, nonetheless, to safeguard an odd object. While the rest of the dogs protect their homes, Jakey has different goals in mind.

She takes care of the bread her owners left behind as they departed. When the owners were compelled to return to the property four years ago, the problem started. Katrina Frank, Jakey’s owner, reports that every time they left the house, the dog would bury the bread.

By the way, Jakey has a fantastic nose for pastries and will find them no matter where they are hidden. As soon as Katrina leaves the house, the dog starts looking for bread that has been wrapped in polyethylene and she makes every effort to protect her “gift”! Wherever the family’s breadbox is hidden, Jakey will eventually find it. The dog opened the pantry doors and dragged the bread bin out when Katrina tried to stow it there.

The four-legged sprite will just open the door if you put it in the refrigerator. When employed as a “bread guard,” Jakey forbade herself from eating even a single slice of bread. The astute dog makes sure that none of the other animals in the house follow suit. Perhaps the infant thinks that the owners cherish bread the most. Perhaps she thinks that because so many people consume it?

Finding out what thoughts are going through the pet’s mind is intriguing. The dog likes to proudly lie next to the sofa while stowing the bread underneath. She occasionally keeps the “gift” in Katrina’s bedroom closet. Jakey helps a hostess find her way home.

What happens if there isn’t even one flour-based item in the house? Jakey will then take over guarding the butter!

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