Despite being left in a shelter by a damaged dog, fate had different ideas for him.

Staffordshire terrier Capone, age 7, was ecstatic to be saved from the Ionia County Zoo in Michigan.

But when some time passed and they chose to get another pet in his stead, the new owners opted to return the dog. Capone was no longer the happy dog he had been, and he once more found himself in a cage. He had undergone a significant transformation; he was perpetually depressed and refused to eat; it appeared that the dog had lost his sense of direction in life.

He used to happily greet everyone who came to the shelter before this incident.

As if the dog had accepted his fate and given up hope of ever being taken away, he no longer wished to talk to anyone.

Once all the pets had found new homes, things took a depressing turn. Capone was left unattended in a space filled with barred cages. The staff at the shelter posted a picture of the puppy on Facebook to help him. And it was successful: He aroused the interest of many users. After falling in love with Capone at first sight, one couple made a reservation to meet him.

To make a good impression on the puppy, Joe and Ashley visited the animal shelter. They gave him a collar with his name engraved on it as a gift. Since Capone had lost faith in people, the caregivers were concerned, but a miracle happened: the dog briskly ran to the happy guests. His new existence with these two attractive people, who will stop at nothing to make their pet happy, began with this. Unexpectedly, Capone started to smile after moving into a new house!

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