A design student creates folding dog shelters out of repurposed billboards.

Thailand is a lovely nation with a rich culture, delicious food, and a lot of stray dogs. This issue occurs in a lot of nations. Thousands of stray animals are roaming the streets in search of food.

This is a result of the Buddhist tradition, which is especially prevalent in Thailand, which emphasizes that individuals earn respect by giving food to stray animals.

One considerate design student decided to simplify these critters’ lives. He started a project to turn abandoned billboards into animal sanctuaries. The student started working with a business that assisted him in putting his idea into practice. About 20 identical and ultimately useless billboard shelters currently exist.

This business shares images of prefabricated homes and the occupants who live in them on its Facebook and Instagram pages. Similar to a weather umbrella, they serve the same purpose.

They are dispersed all around the city. Its ability to be rolled up is its biggest benefit. These shelters are simple to fold up and lean against a wall when not in use. They don’t interfere with traffic and take up less room as a result.

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