When a woman brings a kitten home, her cat adopts the role of the little animal’s loyal sister.

A few weeks prior, Texas native Meghan decided to bring home a sick kitten after seeing it on the street. Meghan gave the kitten a name: Garry. He was unprepared and unable to adapt to his new surroundings.

Lucky for the kitty, Picky immediately began assisting him with everything. Despite spending the majority of his time outside the old Picky lived with Meghan for years. But the moment the aloof cat set eyes on Garry, everything changed: he unexpectedly exhibited empathy and sympathy.

Picky began playing with, taking care of, keeping an eye on, and even putting his younger sister to bed for him. Picky was glad to be back at his house because he had been missing the kitten a lot. Little Garry enjoys spending time with his older brother, who is now largely at home and is gradually making a full recovery.

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