Over the course of two days, the sad cat screamed for help, but happily, there were still helpful people nearby.

On the way home, Cat Vook was scooped up from the street by his future owner. The mother cat was nearby and unsure of what to do because there were other pups she could not leave behind.

To shield the remaining puppies from the numerous stray dogs, the mother cat was forced to leave. The cat, which was still present, was begging for assistance. He was fortunate, though, since the man walked on.

The cat was unable to move when he heard a sound. He carried it with him when the kid was saved.

The animal curled up and dozed off right away despite not having slept for two days. He likes his master and was raised in a loving, peaceful atmosphere.

Because the man who saved him thinks animals don’t have souls, they are in love. Vook’s challenges have all been resolved. He currently lives in a cozy apartment with his loyal and committed master.

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