The mother cat was upset and compassionate at the same time, and she did everything in her power to find her precious missing babies.

Whether it is used on people or animals, motherlove is a potent force.

This is a tale about a mother cat’s love for her young and the lengths she went to reunite them. The staff at Mill Road Vet Clinic in Whangarei were shocked to see something in front of the doors when they went to open the clinic doors early one morning to start their routine operations. It was a box carrying four kittens that were four weeks old. They took the abandoned kittens in without thinking twice.

The staff fell in love with them because they were so vulnerable and attractive. One of the employees, Nicole, decided to check them out and then take them home to take care of them overnight. The following day, another strange occurrence took place. That morning, the security guard observed a tabby mother cat hanging out at the clinic’s entrances.

Every time the door was opened to the clinic, he would try to enter. The cat was taken in by the clinic staff after they determined she had no intention of leaving. They quickly learned that the unyielding cat is a nursing mother.

They concluded that it must be the mother of the four kittens they had found the day before, which showed that they had not been abandoned. The mother cat may have been afraid and fled, spending the night looking for her little kittens, but it appears that someone abandoned them all. The mystery has been cleared up. Once everything was in order, the caregivers let the mother greet her kittens. The circumstance of the reunion was quite heartfelt. They were all ecstatic.

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