The only thing that concerns the pit bull is caring for the kittens that he is supposed to be nurturing.

Ozerk the pit bull was purchased by a Californian family three years ago. Except for Norman the cat, every member of the household quickly warmed up to the puppy. Ozerk stays away from the hairy, and Norman ignores the huge man.

Ozerk has everything a dog needs for a happy life, so his life is ideal. What else is required? Ozerk turned out to require help with something. So when Jennie decided to take in Winnie, a pregnant stray kitten, the meaning of the pit bull’s life was instantly changed! Winnie gave birth to five cuddly kittens a few days later.

Jennie plans to leave one infant with a mother cat and place the other four kittens up for adoption. He replied to their mischievous activities with a level of coolness and compassion that was unusual.

Even though Ozerk is caring for a kitten that adheres to his big companion like glue, he will be sad to see the kittens leave.

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