Friendly Dog just won’t stop giving hugs to everyone he meets because he is so happy to have been saved.

Tori the dog was discovered on the sidewalk. The dog was delivered to an animal shelter. The volunteers concluded that Tori had probably never lived in the house and had never experienced human affection based on how the dog acted.

In some respects, Tori had become accustomed to the rescuers’ helpers. He didn’t converse with animals or other people, though. It soon became apparent, underneath it all, though, is a lovely dog who only wants to be loved. Tori started showing his love for everyone as soon as he felt at ease in his new surroundings.

The dog wanted to embrace everyone he encountered as he walked.

According to a worker at the shelter, he held Tori for nearly fifteen minutes as soon as her collar was unfastened during the first promenade in the yard. It was a nostalgic period.

The dog simply placed its head against the volunteer’s thigh in what appeared to be an expression of thanks for being saved and given a new life. Since then, Tori has been hugging everyone he meets and becoming increasingly outgoing.

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