The cat named Kane loves to hide and is certain that no one can see him when he does so.

The cat Kane has a fascinating “hobby”: he enjoys being by himself and hiding out in any available space. But contrary to what he believes, no one is staring at the cat, so he doesn’t pay attention to anything. Kane was discovered in a commercial warehouse when he was barely a kitten.

One of the workers decided to take the cat home. Now that Kane has a new owner! The cat has since lived happily next to nice people and a canine companion. He is at first rather reticent among strangers, but he rapidly relaxes and enjoys discussion.

Despite being outgoing, Kane also enjoys spending time alone to observe his environment. He frequently conceals himself in any location where he can move around. Kane already adores concealing objects, but the cat is unaware of a minor fact.

He regularly checks to make sure no one can see him while he is hidden. Despite its oddity, the owners are aware that Kane only exhibits this one characteristic. They know he will return shortly and want their attention.

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