The man adopts the puppy and smiles in an “unadoptable” way as he takes him home.

Daniel decided to buy a puppy and visited a nearby shelter to hunt for a friend. Zink, a golden retriever, sat with his head lowered. Daniel desperately wanted to keep the dog with him.

The staff at the shelter started trying to talk the man out of it by telling him that the retriever was “difficult to acclimate” because of his propensity for odd smiles and flashing all of his teeth at once. But for some reason, Zink had a big impression on Daniel. He decided to let the dog live a typical life.

It was obvious that the dog was unable to smile. He bared his fangs at them to get their attention. The owner’s faith was restored as Zink flashed his well-known grin.

When he understood he could put his trust in the owner and that this house might become his permanent residence.

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