This man considers cuddling and caring for cats to be the best job in the world.

The name of this man is Karen, but everyone just refers to him as a cat guy since he might have the most fun job in the world: petting cats. Karen Bill adores all animals, especially cats, and is a veterinarian by trade.

While attending veterinary school, Karen started working as a veterinarian’s assistant at a veterinary clinic. By the time Gill obtained his college degree, he had concluded that the only animals with whom he truly felt at home were cats.

In New York, Karen now oversees two veterinary practices.

Karen not only cares for cats, but she also adopts cats that struck his heart. Four dogs and thirteen cats are currently living with him.

Karen frequently shares images of his dogs and snapshots of his business on Instagram. By bringing them inside with him, he practically saved them.

Karen is frequently seen petting and playing with cats. He thinks that kids require it just like they require care and medication. Such a kind guy.

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