To care for dogs, one couple turned a sprinter van into a little residence that they travel throughout Canada in.

The couple bought a car in 2021 for about $25,000. The pair decided to travel and live in a van. While touring New Zealand, the two once resided in a van. In part due to Toronto’s expensive housing market, they decided to purchase their van and relocate permanently there after that. The proprietor of a web design business is Jack.

Maggie is employed by this business. The two are completely in charge of making their work schedule.

Their business is unaffected by living in a van.

As citizens of both Australia and Canada, Maggie and Jack frequently traveled between the two nations. The couple’s possessions have long since been kept to a minimum. Jack and Maggie still wish to support animal shelters despite the gated area.

They have decided to temporarily foster the dogs until they are old enough to find a permanent home.

To prevent the dogs from being bored inside the house, they attempt to spend a lot of time outside with them while walking and playing with them.

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