A timid and lonely dog gets a loving family and a home after ten years in a shelter.

Ford, a sheepdog, spent ten years living in a shelter because no one wanted to hug him. Long ago, he had grown accustomed to his situation. He’s fine with different dogs, according to a shelter employee. Ford was sad since he saw several dogs travel back and forth to their new homes.

Nobody believed that he could ever have envisaged himself as his owner. His previous owners decided not to take care of him, so they abandoned him. He instantly became cheerful and exceptionally energetic again and made friends with every staff member in the shelter.

Ford was fortunate that Louise, a regular dog walker, considered taking Ford home with him. Ford is currently inside his house at the same time. ‘ We were all caught by surprise by him.

He quickly sat down on the couch and began to cheerfully greet my wife as soon as she arrived home from work as if he had been there the entire time.

“We miss Ford in the shelter,” a shelter employee exclaims.

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