The cat went for a walk and returned with a message attached to his collar after a while.

The cat and his owner, Alicia, have shared their private house for the past eight years. Simion was saved by the girl when he was a newborn, and they later moved in together. Even as a small child, Simion was never able to sit still. To accommodate the animal, Alicia started letting it out into the courtyard and later temporarily onto the back porch.

The hostess became more concerned as Simion grew as he began to wander anywhere he pleased and go missing for extended periods. Simion returned from yet another long stroll while carrying a message to his collar.

It came to light that one of the neighbors had authored it. The message claims that Simion frequently visits them and takes a long bath. Another letter from the neighbors was delivered by the cat, which spurred Alicia to respond in writing. With the help of a cat, Alicia began conversing with her neighbors, and everyone enjoys it. Even the cat appears happy.

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